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by Craig Pike

I recall lining up to enrol one semester in the early 80s. Tuition was free in those days, however, I remember the drama surrounding a petition to protest against the compulsory enrolment fee. It was $20. I recall friendly lectures with academics that knew how to inspire learning and students that I still bump into after all these years.


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by Ken Hardy – Gardener

I started work at Milperra CAE in August 1977. The oval and most of the main building had just been completed. The old primary school in the front of the grounds was still there and in fact, our old gardeners’ shed was one of the old buildings of the school. In the early stage there was only Neil Walker and me clearing the grounds. The ridges of the old market gardens were everywhere and they all had to be leveled. Also, either side of the oval, old foundations of houses and gardens etc. had to be dug up by the scoop of the old tractor, and made into heaps and taken away. There were also some blackberries near the main building. Bob Waugh liked mounds, which were everywhere and were quite hard to mow. The thing that upset me the most, was making the grounds nice, with trees, shrubs and flowers, then they would all be bulldozed down to make ready for a new building. Some of my extra jobs in the early years were controlling traffic on open days, guarding the student paintings in the main hall, cooking barbecue meat for staff, filling staff cars with petrol, and cleaning them. I also opened the campus in the mornings, as well as being on the switchboard once where there was a large flood in the area. In my retirement I believe that working for the University of Western Sydney, Milperra was all worth while.

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by Deirdre Russell-Bowie

I have been working at MCAE / MIHE / UWSM / UWS for over 30 years now. The main change I have seen since starting work here in 1980 when it was called Milperra College of Advanced Education is the size of the institution. In the early 1980s all the staff and students knew each other by name and the staff had morning and afternoon tea as well as lunch all together every day. We would have had less than 1000 students on campus and now we have over 36,000 students across six UWS campuses. Another major change was in technology. In the 1980s academics each had access to a secretary who typed up anything they required on their electric typewriters! It was very exciting when the introduction of the golf ball typewriters as these could change fonts AND white out a mistake without the need for Tippex! In the mid-1980s our forward looking Dean bought some Apple Macintosh computers and this revolutionised the way we created documents and resources for the students. Despite only having 512k hard disk memory these original computers worked very well!

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by Kevin Warrington

Around 1986 or 1987 before we moved Student Administration to Campbelltown, I was Academic registrar of Macarthur Institute of Higher Education
The annual open day was held on a Saturday and we were lucky enough to have Premier Neville Wran as our official guest.
We were told by the Premiers office that his official car would arrive at 1.00pm and come to the Principals (Dr David Barr) front door. The entire Executive was standing out the front of Dr Barr’s office when all of a sudden the Premier walked up behind us and asked something like “are you expecting me”?.
You see Premier Wran had been there before and instructed his drive to park around the back and totally surprised and embarrassed us all by coming through the back of the building totally unannounced. But the day turned out well any way.

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