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by Jennifer Mills

When I graduated in 1982 with a Diploma of Teaching from Milperra CAE I never imagined the power I held in my hand! With a Diploma of Teaching that was recognised worldwide (for free, no student debt in those days!!) I set out to teach overseas. Initially I went to London to teach in 1985 but in 1986 I got a job teaching in Greece. I became hooked on the international lifestyle of teaching and travelling. Since then I have taught in Dublin, Manus Island, London (again), Qatar and now I’m in Beijing where I am the Curriculum Coordinator. In August 2017 I am moving to Seoul, South Korea to become Principal at an International School. I owe all my thanks to Milperra CAE who took a chance on me as I was a third round intake student! I can’t imagined how my life would have turned out if I hadn’t attended Milperra CAE. I had an amazing few years there. I was a Student Rep for Teacher Ed and have great memories of my years there. I played netball and basketball for the college and went to a few ‘intercols” which were crazy fun! I remember the concerts…even one with Ross Ryan who sang “I am Pegasus!” Lunchtime at the Viking were mandatory for a steak sandwich! The friends who I am still in contact with from those days are also successful in teaching careers with the NSW Dept of Ed. What a walk down memory lane this has been! Well done Milperra CAE!


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by Dawn J. Smith (Robertson)

I attended Milperra CAE in 1978-79 to complete the Associate Diploma in Social Welfare. I was 36, divorced with 2 young children and my Mum gave up work so I could attend College. I remember the Psychology Lecturer drawing the bell curve for stats and asking us if we all knew what it was. I nodded but had no idea! I had left school before I was fifteen due to ill health. I remember the Psych Lecturer saying in the last semester in 1979 that after our group “all others would be blancmange” because we were so diverse, with mature aged, school leavers, nuns, single mums, marrieds, lesbians, etc! Some that had gone through the rehab systems. We were very lucky to have had Dr Frank Hayes, Helen Boyle and last but not least our beloved Dr Margaret Sargent, who opened all our eyes with her Sociology lectures. Two main events stand out from that time, that we as the Welfare School overthrew the Teacher Ed students for control of the student union, (probably saving many Teacher Ed students from alcoholism because we stopped the Thursday swill.) Neville Wran came in July 1978(approx). Milperra was in flood so he came in a helicopter. We nearly lifted the roof off cheering when he was followed by Gough Whitlam. I will always remember Milperra CAE for the chance it gave me. I worked for DOCS from 1980 to 2002, 22 years in the Bankstown Office. I completed a Social Science Degree graduating in 1990 and returned again to do a Master In Counselling which I did not complete. I have been retired for just on eight years. I owe Milperra more than I could ever repay, and made several lifelong friends there. And yep, I can remember Vaughan Bowie!

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